The Psychology of Game-Development

Hey All,
Recently I’ve been 2 inches away from my screen 24/7 working on a few running projects, But beside developing I think we need something “else”, Something to live by… Something else to think about, Something else to take your mind off something….
“The best way to figure out something – Is to do something else” – Albert Einstein
So why not excel in to things at once?, Why not have your own “Personal Project”

My recent fetish is Psychology – I think it aids with my development knowledge in a strange way, it helps with collaborating with people and we all know that collaborating and communicating is a HUGE part of indie games development i.e.) getting the word of your app out, Getting interest in the apps, Attracting Venture Capitalists (If your lucky enough), Even collaborating on getting a project done with your artist.

I think all app developers have similar mindsets, Well all “Driven/Convinced/Excelling” ones anyway… We all have a passion and its what we do, We all are creative people and We all do what we do for the sake of “doing” it,

What this is about

“More and more companies are starting to see the value in hiring psychologists or folks with a background in psychology,” For example Microsoft Studios hire psychologists to test there games, as psychology can heavily impact hot a game makes a hit, Psychology is all about how the brain works, So basically if we can make our games “Appealable” to the human brain, This makes it a hit! – There’s a lot more than just “Making a good Game” “The application of psychological principles to game design is still in its infancy, so the opportunity is present to be at the forefront of a new discipline, But the boundaries of this are incredible……. GAME DEISGN IS A SCIENCE!!!!”

“Psychologists who want to work in the video game field must be passionate about games — both playing them and trying to understand why they work.” Says Microsoft on behalf of hiring psychologists,

So why can’t we “The indie game developers” do this ourselves? – Thats why I brought you here today!

Psychology is simple, Once you understand how the brain works – Once you understand how yours works….

Say for example a title screen in a game

My game is about “an underwater puzzler”
I’m going to choose the colours yellow, blue & white as these colours are all related to the sea – but there is more behind that, These colours are all calming/peaceful and relax the brain while its playing the game, With this you’ll need a nice calm relaxing sound and with all this combined the brain is relaxed – now where do we go from here…. This part is simple, The gameplay has to be addictive (Using the rules of psychology in your gameplay) You could easily have a nice and addictive game….

Where do I find out about Psychology

Well, I choose to learn it myself, there are some fabulous books out their

The best in my opinion is:

And of course this TV series is more orientated around facial expressions/body language, But its good for learning the basics of psychology:

England & Ireland:

So basically thats that, Any further questions please ask, I’ll be sure to add more to this

Jack Leonard – Admin


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